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Program Name: Engineering - Software Systems
Program Code: ESBASC-SSE
Faculty: Engineering & Applied Science
Campuses: U of R
Degree: Bachelor Degree (5 Years)
Related Programs: Computer Science
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Engineering - Environmental Systems
Engineering - Industrial Systems
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Software Systems Development
Program Description

Learn to apply your computing knowledge to solve real-life problems. The software systems engineering (SSE) program is designed to give you the knowledge needed to analyze, design and develop software operations on many types of computers and microprocessors.

Software systems engineering students apply computational theories to real-life programming techniques, analyze software requirements, design, implement, and test software systems, plan and manage software projects, solve technical problems and practice codesign and embedded systems construction.

Sample Courses:
Digital Networks, Operating Systems for Industrial Applications, Software Process Management, Knowledge Base and Information Systems.

Career Opportunities:
Graduates work as design engineers, embedded systems engineers, integration engineers, multimedia engineers, software developers, software process engineers and software project managers.


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