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Program Name: Anthropology
Program Code: ARBA-ANTH
Faculty: Arts
Campuses: Campion
U of R
Degree: Bachelor Degree (4 Years)
Related Programs: International Business
International Studies
Religious Studies
Sociology and Social Studies
Women's & Gender Studies
Program Description

Picture yourself working as an anthropologist, immersing yourself in a different group or society’s daily activities and learning about its way of life—be it in a far-off island or a city like your own. It is a journey that can start right here!

The study of anthropology gives you a deep, useful, cross-cultural understanding of human beings. You will gain powerful and sometimes surprising insights into politics, culture, gender, race, language, kinship and the complexities of globalization and multiculturalism in the modern world.

Sample Courses:
Anthropology of Gender, Anthropology of Cyberspace, Ethnography of China, Popular Culture, Anthropology of Religion.

Career Opportunities:
Graduates with a degree in anthropology find success, among others, as consultants, economic analysts, urban planners, teachers, project managers, human rights and environmental advocates, government officials, and writers.


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