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Program Name: Creative Writing (English)
Program Code: ARBA-CW
Faculty: Arts
Campuses: Campion
U of R
Degree: Bachelor Degree (4 Years)
Related Programs: Arts (unsure of major)
Creative Technologies
Education - Arts
Film Production
Film Studies
Media, Art, and Performance (unsure of major)
Theatre (Acting, Production, Design)
Women's & Gender Studies
Program Description

This is a concentration of four specific Creative Writing courses that students who are majoring in English may enroll in.

Imagine yourself as an award-winning poet or novelist, as a government policy advisor, or as a communications officer. Maybe you like to coordinate folk festivals, design corporate websites, that teach others about literature or writing, or unearth lost manuscripts. These are some examples of where the study of English can lead.

Through this program you will learn about authors from around the globe, diverse genres and literary periods. You will also develop critical thinking and writing skills that will enhance your learning style and strengthen your communications skills.

Sample Courses:
Advanced Creative Writing, J. K. Rowling, Contemporary Canadian Aboriginal Fiction, Early Modern Horror, Literature and the Holocaust, Classic and Contemporary Fairy Tales, Satire and the Fantastic Voyage.

Career Opportunities:
Graduates find jobs as writers, publishers, editors, advertisers, politicians and journalists. They also enter professional programs such as law, education and social work.


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