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Program Name: Diploma in Indigenous Communication Arts
Also Known As: Indigenous Communication Arts-Dipl in Indig Comm Arts
Program Code: ARDIPICA
Faculty: Arts
Campuses: Campion
U of R
Degree: Diploma (2 Years)
Program Description

A two-year, 72-credit-hour program of studies, the Diploma in Indigenous Communication Arts (INCA) is offered through the First Nations University of Canada’s Department of Indigenous Languages, Arts and Cultures.

Indigenous Communication Arts (INCA) provides academic training and professional experience that supports the entry of Indigenous people into all areas of the communications industry, including Indigenous and mainstream media and public relations. INCA graduates are also eligible to apply to the University of Regina School of Journalism. INCA prepares students by requiring that they complete courses including Indigenous history and politics, oral traditions, community-based research, business management, traditional and contemporary communication systems, languages, and art. INCA students master basic skills needed for reporting for print and broadcast media and the web and can also study strategic communication planning for public relations.

To qualify for admission to INCA, students must be eligible for admission to the First Nations University of Canada/University of Regina. Proficiency in English must be well above average, and it is strongly recommended that applicants have basic computer skills. Upon being accepted by First Nations University of Canada/University of Regina, students must contact the Faculty or the Department of Indigenous Languages, Arts and Cultures which will provide academic and professional advising.

The basic requirements of the INCA program are those of the pre-journalism program (see the full program outline on page 31 of the 2018-19 Undergraduate Calendar). INCA students take INDG 281 and 282 and INCA 283 and 284 as electives in the pre-journalism program of the Faculty of Arts. In addition to the pre-journalism requirements, INCA students take INCA 200 (Summer Institute in Indigenous Communication Arts) and INCA 290 (Internship).

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