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Program Name: Environmental Studies
Program Code: ARBA-ENST
Faculty: Arts
Campuses: Campion
U of R
Degree: Bachelor Degree (4 Years)
Program Description

The environment refers to everything that surrounds us, including human beings. Under such a broad umbrella, environmental studies encompasses the study of how human beings connect with the physical structures, institutions and economies we build, the politics, language and culture by which we communicate, and the planet and its intricate variety of living and non-living elements and processes. Environmental Studies is rooted in questions that include:

  • What role does scientific knowledge have in environmental decision-making?
  • How will humans adapt to the conflict between an economy based on growth and a planet with finite resources?
  • Are nature and culture separate concepts?
  • How are economic exploitation, environmental justice and environmental racism linked?
  • What are the distinctions between environmental policy and environmental politics?
  • Who defines what constitutes an "environmental issue"?
  • Who benefits, and pays, for environmental reform?
  • How do we systematically address environmental problems that may be unsystematic?

Sample Courses: Environmental Impact Assessment, Psychology and Environmental Change, Nature and Society, Environmental Biology, Environmental Economics, Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation, Environment and Justice.

Career Opportunities: Graduates find jobs in all sectors, but themes include: (a) Environmental Sustainability (policy and legislation, communications, management for sustainable development); (b) Environmental Protection (human and environmental health and safety, waste management, restoration and reclamation); and (c) Conservation & Preservation of Natural Resources (natural resources management, forestry / agriculture / mining / energy).

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