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Program Name: Environmental Geoscience
Program Code: SCBSC-GEOS
Faculty: Science
Campuses: Campion
U of R
Degree: Bachelor Degree (4 Years)
Program Description

Geoscientists study our planet. Environmental Geoscience is an applied science that includes the study of Earth’s minerals, soil, water and energy resources: how Earth’s natural systems work today, how they operated in the recent and ancient past, and how we expect they may behave in the future. In the program, students study the geological and geographic composition of the environment that leads to a more holistic understanding of the forces and processes that shape Earth. It integrates foundational geoscience disciplines including, geology, geomorphology and hydrology, alongside fundamental science disciplines that can include biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics. Students learn about the physical forces that shaped and continue to form landscapes and how human activities contribute to changing the physical environment. Students that complete this professional degree find work in environmental consulting, environmental monitoring, environmental geochemistry, surface mapping, identification and mitigation of natural hazards and management of industrial and domestic wastes. Employers of geoscientists in Canada include: mineral exploration, mining and Earth materials companies, energy supply companies, consulting firms, government agencies and Universities.

The Environmental Geoscience degree program at the University of Regina is available at both a BSc and BSc (Honours) level. The program provides students the knowledge requirements for registration as a Professional Geoscientist in the Environmental Geoscience stream, and in accordance with provincial legislation in Saskatchewan. Course requirements follow the national syllabus ratified by both the National (CCPG - Canadian Council of Professional Geoscientists) and Provincial (APEGS - Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Saskatchewan) Geoscience boards.  

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