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Program Name: Spanish
Program Code: ARBA-SPAN
Faculty: Arts
Campuses: Campion
U of R
Degree: Bachelor Degree (4 Years)
Related Programs: Certificate in Spanish
Indigenous Languages & Literature (Cree or Saulteaux)
International Studies
Program Description

The Department of International Languages offers a Spanish Major (requiring 13 Spanish classes) and Minor (6 Spanish classes) as part of a 4 year BA, as well as a stand-alone Certificate in Spanish (9 Spanish classes, normally taken over 3 years). Spanish is a very widely-spoken world language, and is popular with students interested in travel and studying other cultures, as well as in learning languages. Students with other interests may choose to do a double major with Spanish and almost any other field.  Alternatively, a Certificate in Spanish boosts employability and is a useful adjunct to almost any career; it may be particularly pertinent for students of business or international studies, or those who intend to go into such fields as journalism, policing, education or social work. As a stand-alone certificate (not requiring a BA), it can also be done by someone already in the work force, as long as their schedule is flexible enough to take the classes.

Sample Courses:
Beginner, intermediate and advanced Spanish language (oral and written); Spanish and Spanish American literature; Hispanic culture (several levels).

Career Opportunities:
Graduates with a Major or Certificate in Spanish may find work in such fields as: community development, immigrant support, teaching, translation/interpretation, international business, tourism, or governmental/non-governmental foreign service work.


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