Duration > Certificate in Indigenous Economic Development

Program Name: Certificate in Indigenous Economic Development
Faculty: Arts
Business Administration
Centre for Continuing Education
Campuses: FNUniv
FNUniv Prince Albert
FNUniv Saskatoon
Degree: Certificate (1 - 2 Years)
Categories: Certificate (1 Year)
Program Description

The six course certificate program (18 credit hours) delivered through Indigenous Studies (DILAC) and Business and Public Administration (DISEED) at First Nations University of Canada will prepare students to engage in culturally appropriate strategies for economic development with Indigenous communities by providing students an understanding of Indigenous culture, history and current events (INDG 100 and INDG 201 or 236), community research issues and methods (INDG 280 or 282) and an introduction to economic theory and business in a First Nations context (ADMN 100 Intro to Administration, ADMN 225 First Nation Economic Development) and ADMN 260 (Intro to Organizational Behavior).

This proposed certificate will offer introductory course work in two FNUniv programs that are much in demand by our student body. Courses offered in this certificate are core courses in both INDG and ADMIN degree programs. Students taking this certificate are positioned to enter either major or double major for their BA programs. This certificate provides students the opportunity to complete within two semesters courses relevant to their professional employment through knowledge and training for culturally appropriate community development. Our consultation with three community secondary education advisors (Fort Qu’Appelle, Gordon’s First Nation, Piapot FN) about this proposed certificate, received an enthusiastic response and that the course load demanded by this certificate is suitable for band funding. While there is some diversity in the course load students need to enroll in to receive funding, two terms with three courses each is fundable for these communities. INDG and ADMN courses listed as required or optional for this certificate will be prioritized for online development so this certificate becomes available for students outside of our three campus areas. Our hope is to be able to offer this certificate by Fall 2017 and nationally by Fall 2018.

Last Updated Date: November 30, 2017 02:56 PM

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