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Program Name: Liberal Arts Certificate
Faculty: Centre for Continuing Education
Campuses: U of R
Degree: Certificate (1 - 2 Years)
Program Description

The Liberal Arts Certificate has roots in classical antiquity, where you will be introduced to a relatively wide range of subjects in order to acquire knowledge and intellectual capacities that are general to all walks of life, rather than specific to a particular profession or trade.

Learn To

  • Think critically and analytically
  • Apply skills to multiple life and work situations
  • Appreciate a wide knowledge base

Who Will Benefit

  • Full-time and part-time students with an interest in liberal arts study
  • Those needing a flexible schedule – take courses at night, online or during Summer University
  • Students at a distance – courses are offered online, televised and at Regional College

Classes Offered:

  • Online
  • Face to face (Regina)
  • Regional colleges

The Laddering Option

Liberal Arts Certificate
Liberal Arts Diploma
Bachelor of Arts

If you are interested in the laddering option, seek advising early in your program.

Last Updated Date: October 09, 2015 02:30 PM

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