Flexible Learning Options

More Ways To Learn

Study anytime, anywhere with online courses. Busy during the weekdays? Choose evening and Saturday courses (with free parking). “Netflix” (stream) your class at home or a site with LIVE-streamed courses.

Whether you prefer to study off-campus or online, early mornings or nights, over coffee or under your bed (hey whatever works), we’ve got excellent options for full and part-time students.

Flexible Learning Options


LIVE-streamed courses are streamed over the internet. They can be accessed at a college site in your community or from your own home.


Online courses are safe, dynamic, and user-friendly. Plus you have a wide option of courses, as we offer over 220 online course options!

Early Morning

If you are an early riser - these courses have their benefits! These classes start before 8am, and students enrolled in an early morning class are guaranteed an 'M' parking permit!


Working during the day? No problem - we offer evening courses that start at 4:30 pm, 5:30 pm. 6:00 pm, and 7:00 pm!


Maybe your week is a little too hectic to take a class. That's why we offer classes on Saturdays!

Spring & Summer

Summer can be a great time to take a class! By taking spring and summer courses you can:

  • Get ahead and finish your degree sooner
  • Lighten your fall and winter course load
  • Keep up with your program while in a co-op placement or internship

High School Accelerated - Take university courses while in high school!

Get a head start on university. The U of R High School Accelerated program is a great way to kick-start to university life. Grade 11 and 12 students can take up to two (2) credit courses per semester that will count towards a university degree program. This will:

  • Ease you into university with a couple of classes
  • Free up your schedule in your first year
  • Challenge yourself with course material not offered at your high school
  • Help you earn university credit

Regional Colleges

Take courses in your community. Face-to-face, live-streamed, online or blended.

Colleges options include:

  • Carlton Trail College
  • Cumberland College
  • Great Plains College
  • Northlands College
  • North West College
  • Parkland College
  • Southeast College
  • Saskatchewan Polytechnic