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Program Name: Education - Indigenous (Elementary)
Program Code: EDBEDINEAD
Faculty: Education
Campuses: FNUniv
Degree: Bachelor Degree (4 Years)
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Program Description

Providing a holistic First Nations teaching perspective, the Indigenous education program provides tremendous opportunity whether you want to teach elementary or secondary education.

The program prepares teachers as generalists and emphasizes language and arts and requires a concentration in Indigenous education. Specific Indigenous education courses have been designed to introduce teachers to the unique needs of First Nations students.

Sample Courses:
First Nations Outdoor Education, Issues in Secondary Indigenous Studies Education, Community Based Curriculum Development for First Nations Languages, Foundations of Indigenous Knowledge, Students with Special Needs.

Career Opportunities:
Indigenous education graduates are eligible to work as administrators, elementary and high school teachers (dependent on their focus), and consultants and postsecondary counsellors.


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