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Program Name: Engineering - Environmental Systems
Program Short Name: Engineering - Environmental Systems
Program Code: ESEVSE
Faculty: Engineering & Applied Science
Campuses: U of R
Degree: Bachelor Degree (5 Years)
Related Programs: Biochemistry
Engineering (unsure of major)
Engineering - Electronic Systems
Engineering - Industrial Systems
Engineering - Petroleum Systems
Engineering - Software Systems
Environmental Biology
Program Description

Are you concerned about global warming, acid rain and ozone depletion? Interested in researching ways to manage waste and battle air pollution? The study of EVSE applies systems engineering principles to environmental issues such as water management, air pollution, transportation, industrial development and waste management. You will plan, design and evaluate solutions to environmental problems. You will also apply surveying principles, conduct research, create technical reports and collaborate with other engineering team members.

Sample Courses:
Engineering, Environment and Society, Water and Wastewater Engineering, Transportation Systems, Solid and Hazardous Waste Management, Air Pollution Engineering, Engineering Hydrology.

Career Opportunities:
Graduates find employment as air quality engineers, irrigation engineers, environmental impact assessors, water resource officials, pollution control engineers and hydrological engineers.

Website: www.uregina.ca/engg

Last Updated Date: April 12, 2016 05:32 PM

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