Visiting, Special & Audit Requirements

Visiting Students, Special Admission & Auditing Admission Requirements

Visiting Student

If you are completing your studies at another accredited post-secondary institutions and would like to take some courses at the University of Regina toward your studies, you can apply as a visiting student. 

To apply:

Special Student

University graduates can apply for admission as a special student to take courses for personal interest or continuing professional development.

To apply:

Audit Registration

Auditing a course allows you to attend lectures without receiving a grade or obtaining degree credit, Auditors can participate in classes only to the extent permitted by the instructor (usually you are just permitted to listen to the class).

To apply:

  • Complete the Audit Registration Form and return to the Registrar's Office
  • The fee to audit a course is 50% of the regular tuition fee

Professional Student

If you are looking to take business courses to complete a professional designation (i.e., CA, CMA, CGA, CIM...), you can apply for admission as a Non-Degree Professional student. 

To apply:

Non-degree professional students cannot obtain a University of Regina certificate, diploma or degree, or complete pre-business requirements.