Ukraine Requirements

Ukraine Admission Requirements

Applying from secondary school

  • Atestat pro Povnu Zagal'nu Sersdniu Osvitu (Certificate of Complete General Secondary Education)

Transferring from another post-secondary institution

  • Original transcripts of grades must be sent DIRECTLY, from any post-secondary institutions attended, to our Admissions Office

 Faculty Specific Requirements

 Science: Mathematics and one of Chemistry, Biology or Physics

 Engineering: Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics

 Kinesiology & Health Studies: Mathematics and one of Biology, Chemistry and Physics

If required documents are not in English or French a notarized English translation must accompany documents or be presented to the Admissions Office.

If it is not possible to send an original of these documents a school certified copy will be accepted.  Original documents must be presented upon arrival to the Admissions Office for viewing.

Applications will be evaluated on an individual basis. If you present more than one year of post-secondary work you will be considered for admission to some faculties based on that work.  However, high school documents are required for all students.