Mature & Adult 12 Requirements

Mature & Adult 12 Admission Requirements

Mature admission is available for the following: Faculties of Arts, Education, Fine Arts, Kinesiology and Health Studies, Social Work, Science, Campion College, Luther College, First Nations University of Canada, or through the Centre for Continuing Education.


Admission Requirements:

  • Attempted fewer than 24 credit hours of post-secondary studies
  • Canadian citizens, permanent resident or protected person
  • Will be at least 21 years of age before the semester begins
  • Has been out of full-time secondary school for a minimum of two years
  • Can demonstrate the ability to succeed at university through life or work related experiences
  • Are applying to the Fall or Winter Semesters

How to Apply:

  1. Submit a completed Application for Undergraduate Program Admission form
  2. Pay the $100 application fee
  3. A personal statement outlining your goals and ambitions (see Notes)
  4. A current resume (see Notes)
  5. Submit one official secondary school transcript if you:
    1. attended high school within the past five years
    2. are applying to Kinesiology & Health Studies or Science
  6. Submit one official transcript for all post-secondary institutions attended (if applicable). The transcript must be submitted directly by the institution to the Admissions Office
  7. Proof of language proficiency (if applicable)
  8. Supplementary information (if applicable). See additional information section under your  Provincial High School requirements


  • Successful applicants will have conditions placed on their registration. These may include but are not limited to mandatory advising and a limit on credit hours.
  • Faculty of Education: Students applying to the Faculty of Education will meet requirements #3 and#4 by submitting the Teacher Education Application.
  • Faculty of Science: If you do not present the required prerequisite courses, you may be admitted to a qualifying year at the discretion of the Faculty
  • For information on the recognition of prior learning, visit the Centre for Continuing Education

Indigenous Education Program - First Nations University of Canada


  • Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • will be at least 21 years of age before the semester begins
  • Completed fewer than 24 credit hours of approved post-secondary courses (15 credit hours for Kinesiology)
  • Selected by the program

May be granted admission to the Faculty of Education for the Fall or Winter semester. Admission to the spring semester is available for the NORTEP, SUNTEP and YNTEP programs.

Adult 12

The Saskatchewan Adult 12 is considered equivalent to the Saskatchewan Secondary Level Standing.  If you complete the Adult 12 program, you must meet the Faculty Specific admission requirements.


Early Conditional Admission

You can be considered for early conditional admission provided you:

  • Have attained Adult 12 standing prior to the start of the semester.
  • Have final grades in a minimum of half the required Faculty specific admission requirements and show proof of registration in the remaining courses.
  • The average of all final grades available (required for admission) meets the admission average of the Faculty.

A final transcript must be received by August 1. If the final average does not meet the University admission requirements, the conditional admission will be revoked and you will be withdrawn from courses.