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What To Know Before Applying For Awards


1. Plan Ahead, Apply Early

First things first, find out when the deadlines are! Some scholarships are automatically awarded based on your admission average, but most require a formal application. Discover when the deadlines are and create a timeline so that you have lots of time to prepare any additional documents or information prior to completing your scholarship applications.

2. Read All Instructions Carefully

Each scholarship, award, or bursary is going to have specific requirements and instructions, so it is important to read over the award thoroughly. Create a spreadsheet listing all the awards that you want to apply for and their specific requirements. This is a great way to help you allot time for each component of the application.

3. Choose References Who Know You Well

Some scholarships will require you to include a letter of reference. It is always important to choose someone who can attest to your personality, skills, experiences, and community involvement. You know good people, right? This could be a teacher, coach, or supervisor! Choose somebody who can brag about you.

4. Be Specific

Be specific about what you have done or achieved. You are an amazing, dedicated, resilient person – This is all about you! so show that in your application since the selection committees only get to see you on paper.

5. Proofread, Proofread, Proofread

Always re-read all parts of your application, particularly your personal statement. Ask a parent, teacher, or friend to look over it too! An extra pair of eyes never hurts!


Need Extra Help Applying For Awards?

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