Admission Information


Course selection can be confusing, even in high school. We have put together some basic information that will help you and your student make the best choices to ensure that they will have the courses needed for the program they choose.

Guidance counsellors are excellent resources and will make recommendations about the types of courses your child should take related to their future goals. Encourage your child to be open to different options, to challenge themselves, and to discuss all of the different options with their guidance counsellor.

For admission to the University of Regina, there are faculty-specific courses your student will need depending on the program they apply to (see our Admissions-at-a-Glance handout for specific courses). Here is a basic summary of what is needed for admission directly from high school:

  • All faculties require two Grade 12 English courses for final admission.
  • Many faculties require one or more Grade 12 language, social science or fine arts courses.
  • The most specific requirements are the math and science requirements. Every faculty is different in this regard, and in many cases, the requirements are very specific. For example, students applying to Engineering require Grade 12 Pre-calculus or Calculus as well as Grade 12 Chemistry and  Physics.
  • For specific requirements, click here.


  • We can’t use modified classes for admission (these are courses numbered “21” or “31”).
  • When in doubt, students should take Pre-Calculus… especially if there is any chance they will apply to Business, Science, Engineering, Kinesiology, or Nursing.
  • Grade 11 marks are important because we use them for early conditional admission, meaning admission while your student is still completing Grade 12. We also use the early conditional admission average for assessing scholarships and awards.
  • Many of the Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) courses taken in high school can receive transfer credit for University level courses which will save you and your student time and money once they arrive at University. AP and IB courses can be used in the admission calculation, but they are never required for University of Regina admission.
  • Your student can also start early on university courses through our High School Accelerated Program. Learn more here.