Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning

At the University of Regina, we firmly believe in the value of what we call experiential learning - opportunities for students to take their learning beyond the classroom. Students in each faculty have an opportunity to take part in at least one form of experiential learning, which comes in a variety of paid or course credit forms.

Co-operative Education & Internships

The Co-operative Education Program (Co-op) provides the opportunity for students to alternate career-related, paid work terms with semesters in class throughout their degree. Co-op placements allow students to sample different career choices, work environments, and locations, and complete 12 - 16 months of supervised work experience by the time they graduate. Students are also paid for the work during their placement with salaries ranging from $8,000 to $13,000 per semester.

Internships, like Co-op placements, allow students to earn a salary while gaining career-related work experience. Students completing an internship take part in one placement for 12 - 16 months with a single employer.


Field Work

A Fieldwork placement also allows students to complete a career-related work term with an organization and gain important 'real-world' experience. These placements are completed for course credit.


Practicum & Professional Placements

Also completed for course credit are Practicum and Professional Placements. These opportunities involve supervised practice in various professional settings. Students may be placed in different fields such as health care, education, corrections, and social services, depending on their faculty and area of study.


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