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How Much Will One Year of University Cost?

Please note that the budget calculator helps you estimate the cost of one year (10 courses) of study at the University of Regina. If you are taking less than 10 courses throughout the year, your tuition will be less than what this budget calculator indicates.

To see a course-by-course breakdown by faculty, check out the University of Regina's Academic Fee Schedule (pdf).

The fees available using this budget calculator are for domestic students. If you are an international student and you would like to view international fees please click here.

How Many Courses Should I Take?

Course Load Definitions

Full Load - Full load is taking five courses in a term

Full Time - A full-time student takes between three and five courses in a term

Part Time - A part-time student takes between one and two courses in a term

Students have the flexibilty to enroll in as little as one class in a term or in as many as five classes in a term. Even though five classes is considered a "full load", students frequently do not take five courses in a term to lighten the course load. If a student is wanting to complete their degree in four years, they must complete ten courses every year. A popular option is for students to take four courses in both the winter and fall terms, and two courses throughout the spring and summer terms. This totals ten courses throughout the year.

However, there are more factors to consider when deciding how many classes to enroll in each semester:

  1. Depending on your faculty, you might be required to take a certain amount of classes per semester. You need to check with your academic advisor before registering in courses to ensure there is not a minimum course load required.
  2. Some scholarships are dependent on how many courses you are enrolled in. If you are receiving any scholarships, make sure that you enroll in the required course load.
  3. Canada Student Loans base their loan calculations on how many courses you are taking. If you decide to take less than three courses, you may no longer be eligible for Canada Student Loans.

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This budget calculator helps you estimate the cost of one year (10 courses) of study at the University of Regina.

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