Time To Apply?

Select the term you are interested in applying to for a detailed breakdown of application dates, or see the section below for a quick reference of some of our general application dates.

Fall Deadlines

Winter Deadlines

Spring/Summer Deadlines

Scholarship Deadlines


General Application Dates

  Fall Winter
Priority Deadline For Most Programs* March 15 November 1
Nursing ** February 15 N/A
International Students August 1 November 1
Visual Arts or Indigenous Fine Arts (Portfolio Only) April 1 December 1
Final Application Deadline for Most Programs *** August 15 December 15
Continuing Education August 31 December 15


* The PRIORITY DEADLINE is the recommended deadline to ensure best course selection and access to other university services such as scholarships, housing, and parking. Does not include competitive entry programs such as Nursing.

** Applicants that will be on a study permit must apply by December 31. Nursing Upper Year/After Degree programs have different deadlines. See

*** Programs may stay open beyond above-stated deadlines until they have reached capacity.

Enrolment in any faculty or program may be limited at any time without notice to the number of students who can be accommodated. Quotas are set annually for admission to the following programs: Faculty of Education, School of Journalism, Saskatchewan Collaborative Bachelor of Science in Nursing (SCBScN), and Faculty of Social Work.