Application Status

Application Status

To check the status of your application, simply follow these steps:


Enter in your Login ID and PIN that you used when you submitted your application here.


Click on the term you have applied for under the “Processed Applications".


In your “Application Summary", refer to your “Application Status”. There will be three possible statuses here:
  1. Incomplete; Items outstanding - this means we are missing required documents. If that is the case, scroll down to the “Requirement” section. If the "Received" column is blank, it means we have not received the indicated document yet. Please make sure you have requested transcripts to be sent to Enrolment Services.

  2. Complete; Ready for review - this means we have received all your documents and are now going to be assessing your application very soon. Please give us two weeks for processing from the most recent date indicated under the “Received” column.

  3. Decision Made – this means we have finished reviewing your application, and a letter has been sent to you in the mail with the outcome of your application.