Mature Learners

What is a Mature Student?

Mature students are individuals who are over the age of 21, have taken less than 15-24 credit hours of university courses (depending on the faculty - see below), and do not meet the high school admission requirements. Mature students typically demonstrate their academic potential through a personal statement that explains their achievements, life experiences, goals, and motivations to succeed in their desired program.

Mature admission to undergraduate programs may be granted to applicants who meet the following criteria: 

  • Canadian Citizen, Refugee, Protected Person, or Permanent Resident of Canada
  • 21 years of age before the start of the term to which they are applying
  • Have attempted fewer than 15 credit hours of approved post-secondary courses if applying to the faculties of Arts, La Cité; or Media, Art, and Performance
  • Have attempted fewer than 24 credit hours of approved post-secondary courses if applying to the faculties of Education (including the Indigenous Education Program, NTEP, SUNTEP and YNTEP programs); Kinesiology and Health Studies; Science (through the Science Qualifying Program); or Social Work
  • Can demonstrate the ability to succeed at university through life or work related experiences

Applicants applying for mature admission must submit the following:

  • Application for undergraduate admission
  • Application fee ($100.00)
  • Personal statement (download the fillable personal statement form (pdf)
  • High school transcript, if out of secondary school for less than five years (Final transcripts must be official and must be sent directly from the ministry or institution by mail to the Admissions Office)
  • Faculty specific documents, if applicable (find faculty specific supporting documents on our admissions page)
  • Proof of language proficiency