Register For Classes

Register For Classes

Here is a quick guide to get started with course registration! If you have any questions as you go, please contact your Faculty Advisor directly. We highly recommend you book Academic Advising if you haven’t done so already as well. Even if you successfully register for courses, it’s essential to chat with an Advisor so that they can make sure you are on the right track!

Before you get started: Make sure you have accepted your offer of admission. You can't register for classes without doing so!


Step 1: Review your degree requirements

You can do this using the undergraduate course calendar. It’s a good idea to print (or screenshot!) the program outline for your intended degree. You can then work to register in those courses. Keep in mind, some courses have pre-requisites that may restrict registration. It’s a good idea to start with your 100-level requirements.


Step 2: Use the Visual Schedule Builder to search for classes (and find the course reference numbers)

You can find the Visual Schedule Builder Here.

You can now search for the classes you need to take (as per your program outline). Don’t forget to select the right term. You can select, deselect, search again, start over as many times as you like until you have a potential schedule that works for you. Click here for a video on how to use VSB.

Note: You are not yet registered for classes.


Important Notes for Building a Schedule:

Most courses are worth 3 credit hours, thus if you are taking 4 courses, you are likely registered in 12 credit hours.  A full course load is 15 credit hours per semester.  Normally, you need to be in at least 9 credit hours to be considered a full time student.

Most Bachelor’s degrees consists of 120 credit hours, generally attained through 40 courses, each worth 3 credit hours.  Programs consist of courses in the major area of study and electives.  Some programs have experiential components (ie practicums or fieldwork) that can be worth up to 15 credit hours.  See the Undergraduate Calendar for detailed information on each program.

Lectures (3 hours each week) Most U of R courses consist of lectures given by the instructor.  The size of 1st year lecture classes varies anywhere between 35 and 400 students.
Seminars (1 hour each week) Large lecture classes sometimes break into small groups to allow for further discussion of course material.  1st year psychology and sociology courses often have seminars.
Labs (1 to 3 hours each week) A course that requires practical work may have a lab portion.  Some courses in geography, languages, math, computer science, and the natural sciences have labs.
Homework Expect to do a lot of homework because in university much of your learning is done independently.  You can expect to put in 2 hours reading, preparing for lectures, writing papers, researching and studying for every hour you spend in class.


Step 3: Register in your desired courses in UR Self-Service using the CRN’s

Now that you’ve found classes you’d like to register in, you need to do so in UR Self-Service. Here is some information on how to search for and register in courses, and accompanying videos.

Important Notes for Class Registration:

Academic Year Schedule (add/drop classes and holidays)

Fee Schedule (when to pay and how much)

Can’t register for a course? Check out the FAQ’s.

Need help? Contact your academic advisor directly.

Have a quick question? The Advising & Career Education (ACE) team can help too! They even have drop-in appointments available.


Step 4: Book Academic Advising if you Haven't Already!

Unsure of who to book with? Click here for an overview of academic advising contact information.
Federated College students - always contact your College Advisor directly.

Academic Advising Opportunities Reference Sheet
You should connect with your faculty or college for questions regarding course registration. See contact details and notes below. The Advising and Career Education Centre offers walk-in appointments each week.

Advising and Career Education
Riddell Centre 163
Book online here!


Don't forget - Federated College (Luther College, Campion College, FNUniv) students contact their college directly.

Faculty of Arts
Call to book an appointment or register for a New Student Advising session.
Faculty of Business
Call the front desk to book with an advisor.
Faculty of Education
Call to book an appointment.
Faculty of Engineering
Call to book an advising appointment.
Faculty of Kinesiology
Call or email to book an appointment. Some course recommendations provided online.
La Cite
Call or email to book an appointment.
Faculty of Nursing
Check your admission package for details. Call Nursing Student Services for more information. 
Faculty of Media, Art, & Performance
Call or email to book an appointment.
Faculty of Social Work
Online booking system.
Faculty of Science
Call the Science Student Services Office to book.

The Advising and Career Education Centre Team is also available for quick questions and support.